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Classes are an excellent opportunity to learn more about topics that are important to you. Once you sign up for any of my classes you will receive a link and password that will allow you to watch the class on-demand. That means anytime and as often as you'd like!


This class offers information about 70 different naturally gluten free ingredients for making some amazing gluten free baked goods! Plus baking tips & tricks, how to store gluten free flours, binding agents, egg substitutions, and much more!

What will you learn? Click HERE to learn more and to sign up!

Gluten Free Baking

Meal planning reduces waste, stress, and makes meals more enjoyable! Learn how to plan meals for an entire month. This 20 minute class will help you better strategize your family dinner meals and offers great suggestions and tips on how to reduce food waste.*Although this class focuses on dinner meals, it's applicable for ALL meals!

This class is for anyone that is tired of the nightly question "what's for dinner". This isn't just for speciality diets either, it will work for everybody that makes meals on a daily basis.

The meal planning class offers a lifetime of meal planning guidance and tips for only $5! 

These classes are offer periodically throughout the year, dates applicable are mentioned on the contact form (using the link above). If you are interested in a class and there is not one currently planned, reach out to get one set up: email me by clicking HERE!

(Virtual) Meal Planning Class

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