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Meet Dr Nikki

Allow me to present Dr. Nikki to those who haven't had the opportunity to meet her yet. Dr. Nikki is a skilled chiropractor who provides her services to individuals in Wesley Chapel, Florida, and the neighboring regions. By working together, we can assist you in achieving your desired state of optimal health.

Natural stones on a wooden tree ring.

Dr. Nikki was born and raised in Miami Florida. She was a dancer from the age of 4, and

continued on to compete in multiple national championships. It was during her dance years

where she developed her passion, dedication and drive. She learned to transfer her love of dance

into the chiropractic profession, which she now shares with her practice members. Dr. Nikki

describes the chiropractic adjustment as a dance between practitioner and member. It is through fine movements, breath, release and love that create the dance we call the adjustment. 


Dr. Nikki received her bachelors from the University of South Florida in Health Sciences in

2014. She took a year off from school due to her own health issues such as migraines, gut issues

and extreme fatigue. She knew there was more to life than disease, so she started to ask questions and find answers. It was during this time frame that she found Chiropractic and its natural healing abilities. After a year of searching, she decided to obtain her Doctorate in

Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta Georgia in order to help others heal through

chiropractic, the way it helped her. 

Dr. Nikki also practices the energy work of reiki, focusing on the seven chakras. With the use of

crystals and sound healing bowls, Dr. Nikki helps clear blocked energy of the chakras. She

incorporates reiki into every adjustment, giving it that extra something. This work is slow,

soothing, yet powerful with profound changes of one’s energetic levels.  

At Hart to Soul, we provide personalized, holistic care to help our members achieve optimal

health and wellness. Our vision is to guide the elevation of human consciousness through health,

connection, awareness, and love of thy self. We welcome all walks of life at Hart to Soul, even

the tiniest of spines.

Dr. Nikki is also Webster Technique certified which is a gentle and specific chiropractic analysis

and adjustment of the sacrum for pregnant mothers. Webster Technique reduces nervous system stress, balances pelvic bones, muscles, and ligaments, and optimizes the mother’s pelvic function in pregnancy and birth- helping the baby assume the best possible position throughout pregnancy. Through specific nervous system adjustments of the body and soul, a deeper understanding of patterns in life is understood. It is in this alignment that you can welcome a clear, centered, and conscious nervous system that is resilient and adaptable to life’s stressors.

At Hart to Soul, we aim to shed one pattern at a time, through the alignment of the soul and spine. 

If you would like to work with or simply learn more about Dr. Nikki please visit her website or

social media platforms!



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