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These foods are verified gluten free directly from the company that produces & packages them.
DISCLAIMER: ALWAYS double check products, as ingredients & manufacturing procedures can change.

Product Info

Ore Ida/Kraft 800-892-2401

Extra crispy fast food fries, Golden crinkle french fries, Golden fries, Golden tator tots

Kraft products that state "gluten free" are free from gluten and the facility has cleaning and sanitation procedures in place.



Spaghetti sauces, Pestos, Alfredo Sauces

Any products that contain gluten will be noted on the packaging.


Colgin 888-226-5446
Liquid Smoke - hickory, mesquite, pecan, apple
None of their products contain gluten, diary, nut, or egg.

Their facility is 100% gluten free.


Heinz Ketchup
All ketchup products are currently free from gluten-containing ingredients. Heinz will always label products that contain gluten.


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