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Melissa has been a great help would highly recommend her services 💗 ~ Emma

Melissa is very knowledgeable and does her homework regarding which products are truly GF and where gluten might be hidden. I highly recommend her! ~ Ecmin

Melissa is amazingly learned and comes well-prepared for individualized needs. if she doesn’t know the answer, she will find it. materials are handed out after the sessions, questions can be asked via email, the service is quick and personalized. thank you! ~ Karen

Melissa was great! Very informative. Went through each gluten free flour, uses, and converting recipes and tips and tricks!!!! Totally recommend! Great person! Super helpful as well! Love her! ~ Morgan

Melissa is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about being gluten-free! I genuinely enjoyed speaking with her and listening to all the great information she provided! ~ Alexa

Having three little ones it’s important to care for each of their health troubles. My oldest was having difficulty with his digestive tract. The information I got on supplements was helpful in starting his day off on a good note. ~ Kendra

We did change the kitchen and overall since we spoke I have been feeling better. Found some of your recipes to use and I cut out the coffee that even though I was drinking black, still seemed to effect me. ~ Joel


Melissa spend quite a bit of time going over my vitamins and made great recommendations for better ones and different doseages for what I am taking them for. I found it very helpful. ~ Constance

Thanks for all this great info! ~ Jennifer

Thank you so very much for you guidance, that was very helpful! ~ Carrie

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