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Some links above provide you with a discount (use the promo code), others are affiliate links. Affiliate links support this website keeping it free from a subscription fee and free from ads.




Do not take supplements without a recommendation first.
If you need a recommendation, please schedule a consultation.

Suggested supplements are based on research showing that these companies use quality ingredients and safe practices*. These supplements have been used and have shown positive results, both for my family and my clients.
*Ingredients and practices do/can change so always do your own research.
The products shared are all gluten free and are from trusted companies and stores.
Browse for foods, supplements, and products, as well as some all gluten free stores.
**Always read labels and confirm that ingredients have not changed.




All of these flours are naturally gluten free, but it is important to look for a trusted brand, as
cross-contact can and does happen during processing, transportation, and storage.
The flours recommended below have been chosen because they are offered by trusted brands, verified safe for those with celiac, and are usually the most affordable option available.
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