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All services are provided virtually.


Health Assessment Consultation - up to 60 minutes

Elevate your health with a customized wellness plan designed just for you. This personalized service includes a 60 minute private consultation and includes tailored preparations to help you achieve your goals. 

Before we meet, you'll fill out a quick intake form so I can review your health history and objectives. Then we'll have a 60-minute discussion to dive deep into your concerns and aspirations. I'll ask thoughtful questions and offer professional guidance to create a plan that works for you.

After our consultation, you'll receive a comprehensive email summary covering highlights of we discussed. I'll provide a detailed protocol, helpful resources, and actionable next steps to get you on the path to better wellbeing. 

My individualized approach makes the difference. I'm committed to understanding your unique needs and crafting an effective, enjoyable experience that empowers you to thrive. Let's partner together to help you live your healthiest, happiest life.

Diet and nutrition can help with:​

  • Acid Reflux

  • Celiac Disease (see consultation specifically for celiac disease)

  • Dysautonomia/POTS

  • Food Allergies

  • Food Intolerances

  • Gastroparesis

  • Histamine Intolerance

  • Inflammation

  • Iron Deficiency

  • Kidney Disease

  • SIBO - Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

  • Vitamin Deficiencies

  • and more!

$200 for the 1st 60 minutes, $25 for additional 30 minutes of time up to 2 hours

Initial Celiac Disease/Gluten Free Living Consultation - up to 60 minutes

This gluten free consultation service provides a personalized experience much like a health assessment consultation. I will take the time to get to know you and your needs beforehand, so we can make the most of our time together. 

Before your initial appointment, you will be asked to fill out a health informational form. This helps me understand your unique situation and objectives, allowing for prepared recommendations tailored specifically for you.

During our consultation, we'll have an open discussion to dive deeper into your goals and concerns. Afterwards, you be provided a detailed summary via email, recapping our key talking points and outlining actionable next steps.

Our aim is to offer thoughtful guidance suited to your circumstances. By taking the time to understand you and your needs upfront, I can deliver a consultation that provides true value.

During this consultation we will cover:

  • What Celiac Disease is

  • What foods to avoid

  • Sneaky sources of gluten

  • Different forms of gluten

  • Label reading

  • Navigating the grocery store

  • Kitchen safety

  • Gluten cross-reactivity

  • Supplements and medications

  • Nutritional deficiencies


$175 for the 1st 60 minutes, fees apply for additional time


Follow-Up Consultation - up to 50 minutes

Let's continue the conversation! Follow-up consultations provide an invaluable opportunity to address any lingering questions and dive deeper into your unique health goals. I'm eager to hear how the initial recommendations are working for you and collaborate on potential refinements or additions to your protocol. My goal is to ensure you have all the information and support needed to achieve optimal wellness. I'm looking forward to our next discussion where we can build on the foundation we've established together. Don't hesitate to bring up new concerns or topics you'd like to explore. My door is always open!


$115 for the 1st 50 minutes, fees apply for additional time

Food Intolerance Test Result Analysis and Consultation - up to 60 minutes

Let's dive into your unique health picture together. Bring any previous lab results you may have, or we can order customized testing to uncover your food intolerances and sensitivities. Our preferred lab uses gold-standard immunoassay testing to detect both immediate and delayed reactions, providing a comprehensive analysis. The options are flexible based on your needs and budget. During our consultation, we'll go through your test results in detail, and I'll explain what they mean for your body. My goal is to provide you with a clear roadmap tailored to your individual results, so you can begin reducing inflammation and repairing your gut. Reintroducing foods down the line is possible with the right protocols and healing diet - we can create a plan for success. I look forward to partnering with you to optimize your health.


$175 for the 1st 60 minutes, fees apply for additional time

Vitamin Deficiency Consultation - up to 60 minutes

Let's dive deep into your health with a comprehensive vitamin panel. During our time together, I'll provide personalized recommendations to help you thrive. We'll discuss:

- The supplements that may benefit you most based on your unique needs 

- How to select high-quality supplements that your body can actually absorb

- Ingredients to steer clear of when shopping for supplements 

- Tips for taking supplements in a way that optimizes their effectiveness  

- The optimal times of day to take different supplements to sync with your natural rhythms

My goal is to empower you with knowledge so you can make informed decisions about the supplements that are right for you. I look forward to exploring this topic more during our upcoming consultation.
*Should you desire nutritional information beyond vitamin deficiency supplementation, please book an Health Assessment Consultation.


$175 for the 1st 60minutes, fees apply for additional time

Tick-Borne Illnesses Support Consultation

Your journey begins with an in-depth, 60-minute consultation where we'll explore your health history, previous treatments, and aspirations for the future. After gaining a detailed understanding of your case, I'll email you a detailed summary outlining customized recommendations and protocols.  

My natural, drug-free protocols utilize the latest scientific research on biofilm disruptors, detoxifiers, gut health, nutrients, and more to facilitate gentle yet effective healing. I'll also provide diet and lifestyle guidance to support you mentally and physically throughout your transformation.

I look forward to collaborating with you and witnessing your revival. Your health is my purpose, and together we will help you thrive.
This tick-borne illness consultation is designed to support you through your healing journey with the guidance of a trained LLMD. This protocol sets the stage for optimal healing by balancing your microbiome, helping with peak performance from the treatment provided by your Lyme professional.
Follow Up Consultations available for continued guidance. 

Optional On Call Service available to offer continued support.


$475 for up to 90 minutes, additional fees may apply

Follow Up

On Call Service - monthly subscription

Monthly subscription for access to on-call service providing continuous support and guidance. *Ask for more details during your consultation.


$100 per month

$250 for 3 months

$500 for 6 months

On Cal Service
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