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Celiac Disease Statistics

Updated: Feb 10

Think you know celiac disease statistics?

The stats and facts might surprise you. Celiac disease is more common than most people realize, but since awareness is low, the real numbers are likely even higher. Stick around as we dive into the current celiac disease statistics and walk away better informed. The celiac stats await!

You're not alone if gluten makes you feel crummy. Celiac disease impacts a whopping 3.3 million Americans - that's 1% of the population. But get this - it is thought that a jaw-dropping 83% of people with celiac don't even know they have it. They struggle with mysterious symptoms for an average of 4 years before getting diagnosed.

Celiac tends to run in families. If a close relative has it, you're 5-22% more likely to have it too. And if a more distant relative has celiac, your odds go up by 3%.

You don't have to have digestive issues to have celiac. 60% of diagnosed kids and 41% of diagnosed adults don't have any symptoms. But if you do have stomach troubles, there's still a chance you could have celiac - only 35% of new patients had chronic diarrhea.

Other health conditions can be clues. 6% of people with type 1 diabetes and 6% of women with unexplained infertility have celiac too.

The earlier celiac gets diagnosed, the lower the risks of developing another autoimmune disease. Kids diagnosed before age 4 have a 10.5% chance, while adults diagnosed after age 20 have a 34% chance.

With over 250 possible symptoms, celiac can be tricky to spot. But you're not imagining things if you feel better without gluten. Get checked for celiac so you can treat the real problem. Don't suffer needlessly!

*Sources - The University of Chicago Medicine (Celiac Disease Center), Beyond Celiac, NIH

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