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Navigating the Maze of Lyme Disease: A Comprehensive Consultation Series on Tick-Borne Illnesses.

Updated: Feb 7

For those living with Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses, daily life can become an uphill battle. Working with healthcare providers who lack true understanding of these complex infections often compound these struggles. As a functional healthcare provider I have both professional training and personal experience in treating tick-borne illnesses. I'm here to offer you hope. With research-backed protocols and a holistic approach, I help others reclaim their health and lives.

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Professional 3 part tick-borne illness series

  • Three (3) consultations over a 2 to 8 month period

    • First consultation - up to 90 minutes. Symptoms, previous treatments, and future goals are covered. An email summary will include key points of the consultation and recommendations, along with an outlined protocol to follow.

    • Second consultation - up to 40 minutes. Protocol updates, updated recommendations, and additional questions and concerns covered.

    • Third consultation - up to 40 minutes. Protocol updates and how to continue or complete the tick-borne illness protocol.

Treating tick-borne illnesses is more than just a protocol that targets these infections, it's about the body as a whole. Consultations will include mental health, dealing with a reducing stress, nutrition and how it plays a role in healing, sleep, and much more!

Protocols I recommend are supportive measures in healing tick-borne illnesses and include biofilm busters, detox support (to reduce and eliminate herxing), microbiome support, diet & nutrition, addressing vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and additional support to the body and mind during the healing process. All protocols are natural products, no pharmaceuticals.

You don't have to struggle alone. Contact me today to start your journey toward healing. Click HERE to fill out the Consult Request Health Intake Form to set up your consultation and start healing!


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