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Celebrating Thanksgiving with a Gluten-Free Feast

Updated: Feb 2

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it comes one of the most iconic centerpieces of the Thanksgiving table - turkey! However, preparing a gluten-free turkey can seem daunting for those with dietary restrictions. Not to worry! With just a few simple considerations, your gluten-free turkey can turn out just as mouthwateringly delicious and safe to enjoy as any other. Focus on choosing a naturally gluten-free bird, avoiding potential cross-contact when prepping and cooking, and selecting certified gluten-free ingredients for rubs, brines and stuffing. With some minor adjustments, you'll be carving up a succulent, golden turkey that looks and tastes amazing, while keeping your guests with gluten intolerance and celiac disease happy and healthy. This Thanksgiving, embrace the challenge to create a stellar gluten-free turkey anyone would be thrilled to eat.

Formal dining table with a baked turkey, pecan pie, gravy, and holiday decorations

Stuffing and gravy lovers, gather round! We've got the inside scoop on certified gluten-free options that'll have your tastebuds doing a happy dance. Whether you're all about that savory sausage stuffing or craving the classic turkey gravy of Thanksgivings past, we've got you covered. Peruse this list of gravy mixes and stuffings that have passed the gluten-free test with flying colors.

Certified gluten free gravies

Harry’s Fresh Foods

Mountain House

Kevin’s Natural Foods

365 Whole Foods Market Mama's Place


Certified gluten free stuffing mixes

Gluten Free Concepts

Deland Bakery

Terra Chips

Make it GF


Sweet Ali’s

LiveGfree (Aldi)

Thrive Market

*Links may change over time, so always verify the product is gluten free.

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