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The Power of Vitamin C: Exploring Its Importance and Various Forms

Updated: Feb 2

A robust immune system is your body’s first line of defense against illness. Vitamin C plays a critical role in keeping it strong. When you’re sick or under high stress, your body burns through vitamin C faster than usual. Without enough, you’re more vulnerable to infection and slow recovery. Supplementing with vitamin C can help fill the gap when dietary sources alone aren’t sufficient.

Chalkboard with "vitamin C' written on it, surrounded by fruits and vegetables.

There are a few different forms of vitamin C supplements to consider. Ascorbic acid is the type naturally occurring in foods. It’s highly bioavailable, meaning your body absorbs it efficiently. But some find it irritating to sensitive stomachs at high doses.

Bioflavonoids are plant compounds that enhance the immune benefits of vitamin C and aid absorption. Mineral ascorbates like calcium ascorbate buffer the acidity, making them gentler on the gut. Just keep in mind the extra mineral content when taking higher doses.

Time-release vitamin C is often the ideal choice. Your body best utilizes vitamin C in smaller, steady amounts over the day. Time-release capsules provide that without the need for frequent dosing.

With its encapsulated vitamin C molecules and absorption-enhancing lecithin, liposomal vitamin C offers advantages over regular vitamin C supplements. It bypasses much of the digestive process, allowing those with gastrointestinal issues to reap vitamin C's benefits. The liver appreciates liposomal vitamin C's liver-cleansing lecithin as well. Even genetic methylation issues may improve with this form's support for the methylation process (for those with th MTHFR gene). By delivering vitamin C via tiny phospholipid bubbles, liposomal vitamin C enhances this critical nutrient's bioavailability and therapeutic effects. Those seeking optimal health can find a trusty ally in this innovative supplement.

With the right form and dose, vitamin C supplementation can give your immune defenses the boost they need when under duress. A daily supplement can help safeguard you against depleted reserves and keep your body resilient. To optimize your health and address any potential nutrient gaps, I encourage booking a personalized consultation. As an accredited nutritionist, I can provide science-backed guidance on correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies through evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle strategies tailored to your unique needs. Click here to schedule your comprehensive nutrition assessment and take the first step towards realizing your best self through proper nutrition.



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