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What to Expect

Updated: Feb 2

What can you expect in my blog posts? Information on diet, health, and nutrition. Following a good healthy lifestyle helps us feel better, lessen symptoms, possibly prevents us from some medical conditions.

My blog posts are for informational purposes and are not advice. Please see a certified nutritionist for individualized diet and nutrition plans. I do offer virtual consultations tailored to each client's needs, should you prefer to see someone in person, I may be able to recommend someone.

Some of my blog posts may mention specific illnesses while others may have general health information. Please note that not everyone sees the same results from the same type of nutritional lifestyle, that is why it's important to meet with someone to help tailor a plan for just you.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and cannot give medical diagnoses. I cannot offer medical treatments, for example, pharmaceuticals. ALWAYS check with your medical care provider before making any changes in your daily medical protocol!

Consult with our expert nutritionist to get on the path to better health. Fill out a brief health questionnaire and we'll schedule a personalized consultation to address your wellness goals.


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